Holistische therapie

We kijken wij naar het geheel van jou als mens, wij behandelen holistisch en afgestemd op jou als individu binnen jouw specifieke context.


Spel en Experiment

In dit gastartikel beschrijft beeldend therapeute Janneke Swaen de kwetsbaarheid die gepaard kan gaan met het maken van beeldende kunst, de zichtbaarheid en over de vrijheid van het experiment.

Stream of consciousness

This article is written by Leonie der Kinderen (drama therapist) and describes a writing assignment that you can use within the framework of creative expression, self-reflection or inspiration.


In this article you can learn more about the physiology and chemistry of the body and how to consciously influence our physiological processes in this article written by Latona Bekker about the hormone oxytocin.

Psychological benefits of Theater

This article, written by psychologist Kontessa Legaki, speaks about the benefits of improvisation and theater on our psychological health and development. From assertiveness to social skills.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is an experience based form of therapy; it is about gaining (new) experiences. In music therapy the emphasis is on your experiences within the music in the here and now.


Conversation Skills

In these conversation skills classes Kontessa Legaki (Psychologist MSc) and Leonie der Kinderen (Drama therapist) join forces and take the participants into theory and practice around the dialogue.

dance workshop centrum vaktherapie

The Free School

The Free School was a project by Centrum Vaktherapie in which passionate ‘guest teachers’ gave donation based workshops or lectures. On this page you can read about it’s origin and the kind of classes it hosted.