Group Therapy in Maastricht

Centrum Vaktherapie will start facilitating group therapy in Maastricht in 2022. In group therapy you are surrounded by others who are working on similar goals and experience similar obstacles, which can be a source of support and inspiration. Group therapy is a beautiful way to practise vulnerability, connect to others and learn new skills.

Group therapy topics

  • Learning to deal with (social) anxiety, stress and tension.
  • Self-expression and daring to be yourself.
  • Assertiveness (expressing boundaries and needs)
  • Learning to consciously shape relationships with others and with yourself.

For whom?

This group is aimed at people who experience (social) anxiety as a limiting factor in shaping their lives, especially if these anxiety symptoms are related to low self-esteem or a lack of connection with the people around them. This group is for anyone who wants to develop in the area of boundaries, standing up for what is of personal value and learning to recognize and communicate boundaries, needs and wishes. 

Another core element of this group is the relationship with yourself. We do not only focus on the self-image “how do I look at myself or judge myself” but rather on “how do I communicate with myself and how do I want to consciously shape the relationship with myself?”. Because we work in a group setting there are many opportunities to practice with peers in learning to deal with boundaries, daring to be yourself and consciously shaping relationships.

If you experience low self esteem, unfulfilling relationships, difficulty in communication with others, difficulty expressing or being aware of your boundaries, loneliness, depression stemming from unfulfilled needs for connection or (social) anxiety (included anxiety stemming from neurodiversity) you are most welcome to contact us and speak to the therapist to see if this group is a place for you to grow in (one of) these areas.

Practical information

  • Takes place weekly on Mondays 14:30-16:15 
  • The sessions are in English.
  • To participate a commitment is required to join at least 8 consecutive sessions. The costs are 65,- per session (and this is invoiced per 8 sessions).
  • Before participation, there will be a short telephone conversation and you will be invited to an introductory meeting to see if the therapist and the therapy method are a good fit for you. This intake procedure costs 40,-.
  • Group therapy can stand alone as a treatment or be part of a treatment program that includes individual therapy  in which you can explore the personal themes that emerge in individual therapy. 
  • There is room 4-7 participants.
  • The group therapy takes place in Maastricht at the Elisabeth Strouvenlaan 51a.
  • To register or to request more information, please contact the therapist at this number: +31 622 328 50

Therapeutic approach

People who choose for expressive art therapy often feel like they are not sufficiently challenged to by solely speaking about their struggles in therapy. In this group we will mostly do practical exercises (all consent based) and use these experiences to share and reflect. We will mostly use a drama therapeutic approach, which means that we shape and express and play with elements from the inner world of participants in the therapy space. You can think of improvisational theater, inner dialogues, social constellations or recreating situations from the lives of participants in role play or scene work. Other examples include doing assignments in duo’s in which tuning into another while staying connected to yourself or expressing your wishes and boundaries is practised. In addition, the body has a central role in this form of group therapy; through dance and movement exercises or physical play, we provide practice in making contact with your own body signals, emotions, needs and boundaries. 

Leonie der Kinderen
Leonie der Kinderen

Working with groups contains a richness in opportunities to facilitate connection between people. Sharing stories is taken to another level by practising difficult situations together or witnessing the genuine expression of fellow group members translated into play, poem, sound or dance. Group work is a wonderful thing to facilitate because it can make the client feel that their experience and expressions are of value to others.

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