Improv group

Improvisational theater

In October ’16 Centrum Vaktherapie started an English-speaking improvisation theatre group in Maastricht. We have been having a lot of fun playing and improvising together for a number of years now. We invite everyone to come and have a look.

Praktische informatie

  • You pay €10, in cash after the meeting
  • A meeting lasts for 2 hours
  • You are very welcome to bring friends or your grandmother!
  • You can choose which meetings you attend
  • Every week is different!

Goal of the group

Theatre has many positive benefits such as increased playfulness, healthy laughter, getting to know new people, encourages you to step out of your comfort zone (who doesn’t want that?!) and not to forget it reduces stress!
The content will be co-created by us and the group members which allows for many different forms of theatre, sharing exercises and ideas.


Check our calendar to see when the next meeting will take place. Or subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay informed about upcoming improv events!