Looking for coaching in Maastricht? When you work with a personal coach within Centrum Vaktherapie you can expect the following:
If you want to enrich yourself or are looking for someone who can support and inspire you in your personal development, coaching can be a good match. A coach can help you to achieve your personal goals, and help you maintain focus on your intentions within your development.

How could coaching benefit you?

Coaching within Centrum Vaktherapie makes frequent use of creative and experiential elements, tailored to your preference. We use many exercises with non-verbal elements. Examples include role play to practise new behaviour, writing exercises, creating art and working with elements of music, dance or theater. In this way we create a balance between cognitive, emotional and physical learning. Your coach will be a certified expressive arts therapist. Everyone’s situation, interest and needs are unique. In collaboration we decide which approach suits you best, shaping the sessions in a way which suits you best is a continuous process. To give you an idea of the possibilities within coaching, we have highlighted a number of themes. You can always contact us to see if we can assist you in the way you need.

Looking for therapeutic support in case of trauma, intensive issues or a psychological diagnosis? Take a look at our therapeutic offer here.

Possible topics

Interpersonal skills include communication skills such as assertiveness, giving feedback and negotiating. They also refer to emotional skills such as empathy and emotion regulation. Within the professional field, for example, one can work on leadership, teamwork and creative problem solving. On a personal level you can think about awareness and expression of boundaries, standing up for yourself or communicating authentically. A training session is interactive and gives the opportunity to experiment with new behaviour in a safe space. 

Together we examine what you need to achieve your goals. Which mental processes and beliefs are blocking you and which beliefs we can create so that you can achieve your goals independently. We work on your intrinsic motivation, energy regulation and effectiveness management. This form of coaching is very suitable for both professional topics such as career coaching and personal goals such as maintaining relationships.

When you notice that you experience too much stress it can help to consciously learn a number of skills to reduce this. It is also beneficial to have guidance in the reflection process around the organisation of your life so that you experience less stress. Here you can think of work stress or high study pressure. But major changes in your life or a unhelpful way of thinking can cause stress as well. We will discuss how the body deals with stress and practise regaining balance within yourself.

Science proves time and again that healthy and close social relationships ensure good health and a higher subjective happiness in life. Sometimes your relationships don’t run smoothly or you experience feelings of loneliness or a lack of connection with the people around you. When you choose the improvement of your relationships and relational skills as your main theme within coaching, you can learn the best way to consciously shape your relationships.