Centrum Vaktherapie is a partnership between several creative therapists who offer mental health care in Maastricht and who, through our practise, work towards optimising the health and happiness of the people in their environment. Besides educational, relaxing, inspirational and playful activities we offer support in personal development and with stress related problems through courses and therapy.

Skillslab is a one of these courses. Skillslab will enable you to experiment with and develop soft skills. Currently we are working around the assertion of boundaries and open communication.
We will work with creative writing exercises, role play and other playful elements from drama, music and dialogue exercises in a group setting.


Asserting Boundaries & Open Communication

The reason we offer this course is simply because learning how to assert your opinion in a respectful way can benefit not only you but the people around you as well. It’s a sure way to enable people to talk about subjects and issues that are often avoided. We at Centrum Vaktherapie want to support open communication and healthy interaction between people. This course is affordable and in English, because we want everyone to be able to learn these softskills in a playful and fun manner!

Who is the facilitator?

The facilitator is Leonie der Kinderen. What differentiates this course from others like it, is that the facilitator has a background in creative therapy. She has therefor mastered the technique of facilitating skill-development through practise-based learning utilising verbal and nonverbal exercises.
With her experience and educational background she will be able to work with the participants on multiple levels. This course will not only consist of the lecturing on and demonstrating of soft skills. A deeper layer will be explored by actively practising skills this will create an environment in which the participants can learn by doing. In addition the facilitator will be able to notice deeper lying issues that form blockages in developing skills in assertiveness and open communication. These will be addressed within the course as well to maximise learning potential.

Predicted outcomes


An increase in practical knowledge around assertive behaviour and open communication.

An increased confidence in yourself
in social interactions.

A deeper understanding of your behaviour and underlying emotions and motives
in the giving of feedback.

Per event: 10€
Payment after every meeting
Every meeting is 2 hours

The best way to stay up to date on the next Skillslab event is to like our facebookpage. Alternatively you can find the dates in our website calendar.