Free School – Intuitive Art Workshop

Working with our intuition can be an interesting way to explore new things and insights about ourselves and others. Sometimes it can be a challenge to rely on our intuition due to our thinking processes and a busy lifestyle.

Intuitive art workshops are places of free creation where the result is not the main focus, but the creative process itself.
During the workshops you can let go and create in a spontaneous way, without thinking and focusing on techniques. This way, you’ll trust your body to express itself rather than your brain.
With intuitive art, there are possibilities of feelings of flow or meditative creation.

In that moment, we are freed from any pressure and through subconscious expression, we can reconnect with our interior.
You don’t have to be an artist, for you already possess the tools to create intuitive art.


In this workshop we are going to do intuitive painting with acrylic paint.There will be several painting tools available and other daily life objects to paint with, so there is a lot of room for your creativity. It is recommended to wear old clothes.

👉 This workshop is donation based.


‘Hi, my name is Evelyn and I am a pedagogic coach.

In my work, I find it very interesting to work with body experience techniques, such as mindfulness exercises, connecting touch massage and expressive arts.

Expressive arts can be a fun and light way to express yourself, and it can have the depth to discover things about yourself. By focusing on doing, you can let the body speak for itself and perhaps feel a moment of relaxation, or more room in your head.

Expressing through art is movement, it can create stillness, sensations, flow. It can give clearance in questions you have.
With my enthousiasm, I am looking forward for this opportunity to introduce intuitive art.’


06 sep 2019


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm




Centrum Vaktherapie
Elisabeth Strouvenlaan 51A 6214 AX Maastricht