Consent Workshop

Given consent is tied to the current moment and is bound to the changing tides of our perception. Akin to how you can never step into the same river twice, consent is a concept that is always new and worth investigating.

Would you like to explore how you relate to others (and yourself!) in intimate relationships and friendships?
In this workshop we will explore consent and communication. Communication with yourself (and your body) and with other people.
We will discuss forms of communication (including some non-violent communication) and practise recognising our boundaries and expressing them to others.
Everybody who is motivated to learn about themselves or improve their relationships is welcome!

There will be space for personal questions.


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Some of the questions we will explore:

– What does it feel like to say ‘yes’ when you actually mean no?
– How many ways are there to reject or redirect someones request for (intimate) contact?
– How can you improve consensual touch between partners?
– How do you communicate your boundaries?
– How do we non-verbally sync up with others?
– What do you need to have clear communication with others?


16 mei 2019


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


€ 15,- | € 10,-


Centrum Vaktherapie
Elisabeth Strouvenlaan 51A 6214 AX Maastricht