Self Reflection: Body & Mind

S e l f R e f l e c t i o n

Self reflection is the active cultivation of self awareness. It is not only a stimulating but also a rewarding endeavor.
Reflection, introspection, meditation..

They all make sure you get twice the value out of the experiences in life. This evening I will offer a space reserved for looking inward and exchanging reflections while having a nice cup of tea.

b o d y: We will draw inspiration from exercises that are body oriented looking at quality of movement and non verbal communication.

m i n d: Through creative writing exercises and dialogue we will tickle our minds and use the material to reflect on ourselves.

s e l f: The time will partly be spend on writing and engaging with your own physical sensations and thoughts.

o t h e r: And some of our time is reserved for practising assisting others in self reflection through dialogue.

C o n t e n t & P r a c t i c a l I n f o

In this workshop we will provide materials for writing/drawing but feel free to bring your journal or favorite pens. Comfy clothes great.

Limited amount of people due to Covid | Sign up:

Costs: €15,- / €10,- Students
Language: English / Dutch