Conscious Closeness – Mini Series

What does intimacy mean to you? Which kinds of closeness fulfil your needs? Do you love reflective conversations, going climbing together or do you crave being with a fellow couchcuddler? After this mini course you will have a deeper understanding of your wishes and needs in intimate interactions and in close relationships. You will be able to more consciously shape your relationships and use concepts such as consent, somatic boundaries and sexual scripts to bring more magic to your social and love life.

Topics of the meetings
♡ Self awareness & Self care
We will practise listening to our bodies and learn about somatic boundaries. In this meeting we will look at how you can take care of yourself and identify your needs. We will also discuss the concept of self empathy (from the method non-violent communication) as a self care tool.

♡ Consciously shaping your relationships
When we start a new relationship, or get physically intimate with a new person we often recreate habitual and expected behaviours. In this meeting we will focus on breaking through your conditioning and discuss different ways of being together.

♡ Consent, Boundaries & Open communication
Last but not least we look at how to say no and how to create safety and comfort in your relationships. We deepen our understanding of how consent can enhance intimacy in friendships and romantic relationships.

Practical info
⎈ Sign up: | 5 spots left
⎈ Total costs: 60,- | 45,- students ♡ Payment in advance
⎈ Facilitator: Leonie der Kinderen
⎈ Dates: Thursdays on 24th September, October 1st & October 8th from 19:00 -21:00

Besides open dialogue these meetings may include some practical exercises such as writing, practising reading subtle body language, expressing boundaries and role play depending on the wishes of the group. Nothing is mandatory in these meetings, you are welcome to join and mostly listen or just ask questions. We will make sure to limit the number of participants to address covid 19 regulations.