breathe easy – for humans with anxiety

This course is for humans with problems around anxiety who would like to discover or practise ways to regulate their emotions and feel supported in doing so.
The body will be central in this course, we investigate our physiology, our triggers and what eases our stress or anxiety. This group will also offer a place where to practise and share the things that you already know help with your anxious thoughts or social anxieties.
After this course you will have deepened the connection to your body and have made it into a warmer home to rest your weary head. You will have spent time in a space where you can be yourself and breathe as freely as you are able to while being supported and inspired.

In the meetings:
– Everything is based around consent
– There is time to share what wants to be shared in the group
– Sound, movement and breath practise
– Yoga and mindfulness
– Dance and movement

About the facilitation:
I will use my background in expressive arts therapy and my experience working as a therapist combined with my experience as a human with anxieties. I will also use my experience in working around the subject of consent and boundaries in groups to design exercises that match the needs of the group and the individuals.

Practical details:
⎈ Sign up: | Limited spots
⎈ Total costs 4 meetings: 80,- | 60,- students ♡ Payment in advance
⎈ Dates: Tuesdays in November (3,10,17 & 24) | 19:00 – 21:00
⎈ Facilitator: Leonie der Kinderen |