Art Journaling

Do you regularly write to reflect, keep track of your goals or express your feelings and thoughts? Have you ever experimented with combining art and writing? Let’s experiment with the extra dimension you could bring to your writing practice.

This meeting is for the journaling lovers, the artists, the writers and the paper and pen dreamers-on-paper..

I will offer some exercises to create journal entries around using different art materials. There is also space to share ideas and experiences around journaling with each other!

I will provide materials to work with, but I recommend bringing some personal scraps you might want to put in your journal. You can think of little notes, birthday cards, drawings, stickers or pictures.
– Wednesday, 16 September 2020 from 19:00-21:00

– You need to sign up to attend:┬á(limited number of people)

Costs: 10,-
Facilitated by Leonie (