The Connection Sessions

Human connection is beautiful and adds much value to our lives. It’s worth taking time to learn about nurturing and growing your social network and intimate relationships. To understand what connecting to others means to you is a valuable investment in your health and happiness. The connection sessions facilitate a space where you can practice the art of connection.

The first part consists of group meditation, dancing, moving and breathing together, creating art and playful exercises.
The second part of the meeting consists of a group dialogue and reflection around a theme chosen and shaped by the group. This can be directly related to connection, but can also be a subject that is of a personal interest of one of the group members, the group as a social being will then assist in the exploration of this theme.
For who?

For everyone who feels like they are giving too much attention to their smartphone, this is a great way to train your awareness and consciously give your attention to things that matter to you.
In dialogue group members can inspire and assist you in thinking about things that are meaningful to you.
Lastly, this group is also a place where you can explore issues around interaction and how to connect to others. If you feel isolated or would like to figure out how to be able to build a social network and connect to people everywhere you go, this group is a place where you can learn and grow.
Costs & Sign up

€ 15,- Regular
€ 10,- Students/Low income
(first time joining us? € 5,- )

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