Open Mindfulness Meditation

We warmly invite you to join us in meditation on Sunday mornings. Whether you frequently practice the art of mindfulness or have only done it occasionally, everyone who wants to meditate in a group is welcome! You do not have to sign up, you are welcome to just join us on the day.
Mindfulness is a form of meditation that has it’s roots in Buddhism. In the last 30 years the western scientific community is starting to appreciate and research mindfulness and it’s applications in healthcare and as a means of stress-reduction.

by practicing mindfulness we develop an open and accepting attitude towards ourselves and towards what life offers to us. This open and attentive attitude creates new opportunities to deal with the difficulties that appear on out path. Feel free to come and experience this form of meditation or to deepen your practice with others.

• When?

Every Sunday at 10:00 AM until 11:00 AN a meditation session takes place. The meditation lasts for 45 minutes in total.


The sessions are donation based, thus you can leave an amount of your choice. The meetings are led by Sirik de Jong.

• What to bring?

Yoga mats, blankets and meditation pillows are all provided, so you only need to be mindful of your donation.

About the author:

Sirik has been practicing mindfulness for many years and integrated elements of this practice in his work as music therapist in Maastricht. Centrum Vaktherapie offers counseling and training in mindfulness. Sirik also has been organizing different forms of open meditation groups for several years with the goal to facilitate practice and to practice himself!

Sirik de Jong – Independent Music Therapist