What is Music therapy?

Music therapy is an experienced based form of therapy. This means that it is mainly about gaining (new) experiences. In music therapy the emphasis is on your experiences within the music.

Improv Group

In October ’16 Centrum Vaktherapie started an English-language improvisation theatre group in Maastricht. We have been having a lot of fun playing and improvising together for a number of years now.

the Comfort Zone

A short article about the comfort zone including a number of exercises to gain more insight into your comfort zone thus contributing to your personal development.


Learn more about the chemistry of the body and how to consciously influence our physiological processes in this article written by Latona Bekker about the hormone oxytocine, including a few exercises.

What is Dance and Movement Therapy?

Here you can learn about dance and Movement Therapy: An experience and body oriented form of therapy with an emphasis on the connection between body and mind.


Do you want to know more about the quality of the (therapeutic) service we offer? Here we describe the measures we take to maintain the quality of our services, such as attending further training and supervision.

Conversation skills

In these lessons in conversation skills Kontessa Legaki (Psychologist MSc) and Leonie der Kinderen (Drama Therapist) join forces and engage with participants in theory and exercise around dialogue.

Improv Theater Class

Here you find information about our improvisational theater classes. In every class we dive into another topic such as non-verbal play, storytelling or characters! No experience is needed to join.

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Event Sign up

This is the place where you can sign up for current events, if there are any events taking place that have limited spots. Up to date information on what is happening at centrum vaktherapie can be found in the calendar.


This article is about consent, it stems from a collaboration between Centrum Vaktherapie and Consent Matters Maastricht. This article aims to make you think about your (intimate) boundaries and those of others.