Improv Theater Class

In these improv classes you will..

  • Explore the edges of your comfort zone
  • Move your body and use it in expression
  • Enjoy the many times you realize ‘getting it right’ does not apply
  • Begin to notice your patterns and default responses
  • Learn to play well with others
  • Think less and be more spontaneous
  • Be in a playful and fun environment with lot’s of laughter

Each class will consist of a warm-up, educational exercises around improvisation and practicing the skills you have learned in free improvisation. Classes will be taught by Leonie der Kinderen.
(Additionally we run a donation based improv group where anyone can walk in and join us in a playful evening of practicing improvisation through games and improv experiments!)

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About the Facilitator:

Theatre and improvisation in particular has had a immensely positive impact on my personal development and happiness during my life. When I give improv classes I try to facilitate an environment where people can attain more freedom in their movements and ways of expression. It’s wonderful to be able to learn so effectively through play.

Leonie der Kinderen – Dramatherapist