Happiness Projects


Happiness projects are being created and executed by the team of Centrum Vaktherapie and it’s volunteers.
Centrum Vaktherapie is an organisation located in Maastricht that offers therapy & personal development through the use of the creative arts, such as drama, music, dance and art.
Within this organisation live several non-profit ‘Happiness Projects’ that aim to contribute to the society in which we are situated,
doing what we do best; creative and social projects that educate, move people and make you laugh!

Documentary Project

We are going to create a human artwork out of interviews held with the people who live in the neighbourhood where our practice is located: Wittevrouwenveld. We aim to really listen to people and connect locals and neighbourhood initiatives.
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Free School

On Thursday evenings volunteering teachers come to give donation based workshops or lectures for everyone who is interested. Classes can be on a wide range of topics such as dance, history, art or personal development.

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Improv Group

Improv has been running for a year. It’s awesome! The classes are donation based, which means anyone is able to participate and enjoy moving, laughing and playing! 
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