Gerard Bekker

Gerard Bekker


“It’s exciting to explore your inner world and challenge your comfortzone. Together we can create a safe space to explore your world and discover new territories. Let’s go on adventure together!”

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Mental Health Coach

Hi, my name is Gerard. During my work as a massage therapist in a wellness centre I discovered I have a passion for people and their well being. Creating the right atmosphere and a safe space for using the direct influence of touch. Supporting the healing proces of your body by soothing the sore spots with mindful attention and a soft loving touch.

Since then I’ve become curious about the mental aspect in the healing proces. Combining the elements of coaching and therapy with the practical approach of massage to create a holistic experience that can support the healing proces on the different levels.

In my personal proces I have become fond of the experience based approach of drama therapy. Being able to create a safe space to explore your inner world and play with different possibilities to create new experiences and desired outcomes.
As a Mental Health Coach I combine all these elements to support your personal proces of development and healing. My approach is intuitive and experimental, using the safe space to explore your inner world. Discovering what you need and how we can create your desired outcome. Let’s go on adventure together.

  • Massage Workshops

    The human touch is an essential part of well being and good health. It’s the most intimate way of connecting and communicating with your inner and outer world. Understanding your body’s response to touch enables us to playfully stimulate the self healing capability of our body’s using elements of massage, yoga and mindfulness.

  • Assertiveness and Boundaries

    In this workshop we integrate self care, body awareness and improvisation theater to create a safe space to explore your boundaries and practice assertiveness. Developing the soft skills you need to act upon your needs. Practising with real situations in a safe space will prepare you for handling diverse situations.

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