Goals in Motion – Support Group

Setting goals and achieving them is awesome. But the proces of getting there can be quite the challenge sometimes. So why not share your journey in a groupsetting so we can give each other some support in achieving our goals?

‘Goals in Motion’ is an open group where you can share, practice and experience the proces of goalsetting and work on your individual goals with the support of the group. Wherever you are in your proces, attending this group will give you some tools and support to work towards achieving your personal goals.


The content of the group will depend on the wishes of the attendees but in general every meeting will have a workshop to provide some tools and exercises to practise your skills. Every meeting we will also work on our goals and support each other in the proces.

You will experience:

o The proces of goalsetting and achieving goals
o Getting a clear perspective on your personal goals
o Selfcare and well-being to be effective and enjoy the proces
o Exercises for individual and group support
o Open space for skill development on demand

Feel free to contact us in advance if you have some specific questions or things you want to work on. This group is your space to practise and experience.


02 Oct 2019


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm




Centrum Vaktherapie
Elisabeth Strouvenlaan 51A 6214 AX Maastricht