Conversation Skills

In our Conversation Skills gatherings you will..

○ Learn about different topics within the subject of dialogue
○ Learn about their uses in everyday life & counseling
○ Practice conversation techniques in awesome exercises
○ Discover things about yourself
○ Get excited about having conversations with others!

So join us! To engage in brain tingling conversations and enhance a skill you can use everywhere! (Everywhere! Except places where you must be quiet.. 🙁 ) And with anyone! (Your grandmother, neighbour and even strangers in the bus!)

Non-Violent communication – Confrontational Dialogue
How do you say the hard stuff? Why is confrontation a useful conversation skill, and how can you use it? How to not take things personally? We will engage in Non-Violent communication theory to investigate this topic.

Cultural differences (topic discussion)
This time we will use dialogue exercises and self reflection to dive into the topic of cultural differences. In group dialogue we will discuss intercultural communication, integration into a new culture, merging of cultures, identity, cultural wordview differences and acceptance and resistance of differences.

Non-Violent communication – (Self)Empathy
In conversation Skills we have been focusing on communication between people, and in this workshop we want to invite you to also investigate how we communicate with ourselves. We would like to have a dialogue about the idea that self-reflection and communicate with ourselves influences how we communicate with others. 

Rituals (topic discussion)
This time we will use dialogue exercises and self reflection to dive into the topic of rituals. In group dialogue we will discuss cultural rituals, rituals surrounding death and loss, habits, solitary rituals, celebratory rituals and rites of passage.

Non-Violent communication
We will work with case examples from the participants to practice NVC through role play.


26 Nov 2018


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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