Contact Improv – Dance and Movement workshop

This is a series of 3 meetings with limited spots. Send me an e-mail to see if there is still space šŸ™‚

How can we be playful and grow more self awareness? How many ways can we discover to become free in our dance and movement in connection with other moving, breathing bodies?
Dance more, explore more, dive deeper ā™”
Hello! Iā€™m looking for a small group of people who are interested to do a mini series of 3 meetings in which we dive deeper into what are bodies are capable of. Currently I still have space for four dance adventurers.
Sign-up: (8 spot)
Costs: 60,- (45,- for students)
Facilitators:Ā Leonie Der Kinderen

_______More info
Contact Improv is a playful movement improvisation that is explored in contact with others. It involves the exploration of one’s body in relationship to others by using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch, and movement awareness. Besides being fun and good exercise it also makes your brain release the hormone oxytocin which gives your mood a boost!
No experience is needed, just a curious mind šŸ™‚ Impression:Ā
Since this workshop includes touch we will pay special attention to communication and consent during the various exercises to make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable.

What will we do?
ā—‹ Warm up our muscles
ā—‹ Some playful danceante exercises around connecting with others through movement such as mirroring movements.
ā—‹ Relaxation exercises
ā—‹ Practise some choreographed movements
ā—‹ Explain some theory about contact improv
ā—‹ Dance!


04 Mar 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm




Centrum Vaktherapie
Elisabeth Strouvenlaan 51A 6214 AX Maastricht