When you start working with a personal coach within Centrum Vaktherapie, you can expect the following:

○ A range of practical exercises and material to support your learning process.

○ Someone who challenges you, supports you and motivates you in your personal development.

○ You are in charge of your own process, you choose in consultation the working method and how many sessions you want.

Coaching within Centrum Vaktherapie makes frequent use of creative and experiential elements, tailored to your preference. We use many exercises with non-verbal elements. Examples include role play to practise new behaviour, writing exercises, creating art and working with elements of music, dance or theater. In this way we create a balance between cognitive, emotional and physical learning.

How can coaching support you?


Developing your interpersonal skills in self- awareness and communicating of boundaries, standing up for yourself and communicating authentically.

Problem areas
○ Interpersonal boundaries
○ Social Anxiety

Stress Management

Practically working with exercises around stress to learn to recognize and prevent it. Through practice you develop new ways of coping.

Problem areas
○ Burn-out
○ Emotion regulation

Social Skills

Developing interpersonal skills to assist in presenting yourself authentically, connect with others and attune to diverse social situations.

Problem areas
○ Relationships
○ Communication


Taking time to invest in the relationship with yourself. Working on your self-confidence and looking for your qualities and needs.

Problem areas
○ Emotional well-being
○ Self-care


Each person has unique questions and goals and we always establish the shape and content of the coaching process together. We think it is important that you can find out if there is a click with your coach, so we offer a free appointment to get acquainted.

Intake / Introduction (60 min.)
Free of charge and non-binding

Individual coaching
€ 65,- per hour (incl. VAT)

Group workshops or training
€ 45 per hour (incl. VAT)

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Coaching is a collaboration

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