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Recurring Events

Here are some of out recurring events that take place weekly or bi-weekly in our centre in Maastricht.

Events Free School Centrum Vaktherapie

Free school

We host enthusiastic people who give donation based workshops or lectures that make up the curriculum of our ‘Free School’. Just like us, these beautiful people want to share with others what they are passionate about. Sharing the benefits of learning from each other, community and personal development.
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Improv Group

Theatre has many positive benefits such as increased playfulness, healthy laughter, getting to know new people, it encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and it reduces stress! So every two weeks we organize an open improv group, feel free to jump in!
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Centrum Vaktherapie invites you to join us in meditation on Sunday mornings. Whether you frequently practice the art of mindfulness or have only heard of it’s beneficial qualities, everyone is welcome!  
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Conversation Skills

Leonie, a drama therapist who enjoys creating a space where people can develop their social skills and connect joined forces with Kontessa a psychology master graduate who is passionate about interesting psychology research and dialogue. Together they facilitate gatherings in which they discuss different theories on dialogue and practise various dialogue related skills in a group.
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Our speeddating events will have you solving puzzles, doing games and skipping the small talk. When the bell rings and you move on to the next person, you will not know where your previous date comes from or where they work; you will know how they dance, laugh or solve problems! E-mail us for the next speeddating event!